Thursday, August 1, 2013

European Adventures!

          Hi, all! If you are wondering why I have not been able to post in a while, it is because I am off on a month long adventure around Europe! I am in France for the most part and really enjoying all of the food adventures it holds. I cannot wait to try some of things I have seen and tried when I get back! But for now, I will just fill you in on some tempting treats...
           My first pastry in France- a Paris Brest :) Pate Choux filled with a praline pastry cream. I was in a very happy place when I ate this.
        This apple plum crumble was from a cafe in Dublin called "Queen of Tarts." I could have eaten a bowlful of their whipped cream...
         This was a cake I made for my hosts in Dordogne. One of them turned 58 and wanted a classic American dessert. It's a yellow cake with chocolate sour cream icing. The strawberries are from their organic farm :) I am absolutely in love with this place!
         If you want to see some of the other delicious foods I have tried or made, you can like Boulder Butter on Facebook (there is even a quick recipe posted for a peach crisp I made for of my hosts in Lyon!) It is a great way to get some extra updates.
        Happy summer adventures and relaxing evenings to all! Chin Chin!

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  1. Such a great trip to expand your culinary view! When you get back would love to find out it you think it is possible to make GF pastries that compare to the glutenous ones. Enjoy the rest of your trip!