Saturday, March 15, 2014

Adulthood + A Hot Toddy

Mature, trendy, hip outing shot.
       This morning started off great. I had the day off from work; I woke up early, got out of bed, drank two glasses of water, and headed out the door for an early morning speed walk. Impressive, right? Oh wait, let me tell you why I was speed was to rush to this local bakery I have been wanting to try that only sells their sweet rolls on the weekends and is notorious for selling out early.
      The adventure got me thinking about feeling grown up though. I would never have done this sort of thing by myself when I was younger. I would have felt silly going to get a treat out without a friend by my side to justify it. Today, a peaceful time sitting in a cafe by the window, pondering my love for pecan sticky buns, sounded perfect. As odd as it might sound, I felt mature for doing what I wanted to do even though it was just me this morning. 
Seriousy. That was my breakfest. All of it. 
      So as I sat there, thinking about all the great adult-like decisions I have made recently, I basked in the responsible nature I developed over the last few months. At that moment, I could only help but to look down and laugh at myself. I had six crumpled, useless napkins in my lap and one that had fallen onto the floor. My fingers were covered in caramel messy goo that I kept licking off. I was slightly peeved when someone sat next to me on the bar stools, because I felt they were interrupting what was almost love making to this sticky bun. Not to mention, my face had a smudge of sticky cinnamon when I went to the bathroom. I frowned when I finished the last bite, both because I didn't want it to be over and my stomach hurt from eating the entire thing. 
This is not all of the napkins though...not even close. 
       The best part was I had the goofiest grin of accomplishment as I sat there eating and contemplating my maturity (until the momentary frown at the end). These are all things 5 year old would do when they make their own order and eat their entire, delicious breakfast. Maybe I am not so grown up after all.  You know what though? I finished my taxes early, I make my bed every day, I cook myself pretty much all of my meals, I pay all my bills on time and I was only 3 months delayed on taking my car in for its check-up! So today, I have accepted not being a complete adult, and not being a complete five year old. I embrace being a somewhat mixture of the two and being so freaking happy about it.
       Young people put so much pressure on themselves in college and post graduation. You must accomplish so much and be so presentable and so responsible and so perfect and so knowledgeable and yada, yada, yada. I'm realizing more and more the best part of life is having some of that yes, but also still being a kid. It is great not being totally grown up so I can freely call my mom crying because my car can't get unparalleled parked on the icy, slanted roads. Growing up is cool; learning to be an adult is I guess kind of cool, but in the end, I am not ready to give up childhood yet. So bring on the sticky buns! And the day I don't need a plethora of napkins covered in messiness and crumpled up, I will call my folks and tell them we can just be friends because I no longer need parents. (Don't worry, Mom and Dad, that will never happen.)
And here is my recipe for my new favorite hot toddy, because I am enough of an adult to have that.

Pick out your favoritist mug, put in a generous squeeze of honey and a peppermint tea bag, or loose peppermint tea in a steeper-thing (we're getting technical on this post). Brew some water, add it to the cup, and steep for 5 minutes. Stir. 
Remove tea bag and add a shot of bourbon. Drizzle with a little more honey if you like honey (I do). 
Sip sweet goodness and enjoy being a sort of adult-child, or wherever you are on that spectrum! 

Thanks for letting me indulge in thoughts today.

Boulder Butter

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